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Digital Learning on Location


Are you a teacher taking young people on a School Trip / Day Trip?

Why not create a digital treasure trail to engage, entertain and reward your students?

Or even better get your students to create the treasure trail? 

They do the research, plan the trail, take the photos, record the audio, shoot the video                            and publish their treasure trails into the app - taking Experiential / Digital Learning on Location to a whole new level.

Skills for the 21st Century Learner

Creating content for the award-winning Edutainment app - Global Treasure App, encourages essential skills for the 21st Century learner:

  • Digital Literacy

  • Creativity

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Critical Thinking

When students work together to create trails - they become active knowledge generators,

rather than passive consumers of information.

Using Ed-Tech for Sustainable Tourism

Why not get young people involved in town centre regeneration projects.  When young people publish their own treasure trails they gain a sense of ownership, which leads to appreciation

and sustainability of their local area / tourism destination.  Global Treasure Apps encourages Enterprise and Entrepreneurship when young people set up the Reward at the end of their

trails. The Reward can involve a local business - it can be money off in a cafe or shops.  

Raise Money for Charity

Young people can also put in Sponsorship Banners or In-App purchase prices on their treasure trails and raise money for their school or chosen charity.  This is a digital sponsored walk -  where the local community pays to download a treasure trail and take part in the walk.

Moving more - benefits everyone!





We offer workshops for students / pupils  and in-service training masterclasses for teachers

and the education teams in attractions.   The following Masterclasses and Workshops can be offered face to face or remotely via video conferencing.

  • Digital Content Creation Workshops for student groups.

  • Masterclasses in Digital Learning on Location

  • Masterclasses in Activity Learning and The Walking Classroom



Download our Digital Learning on Location Workshop brochure.

Watch a project with Edinburgh College and Historic Environment Scotland:

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